LOIS Medical Ltd is a patient centered healthcare technology company. We are built on the belief that patients can still be better informed and given greater control of their disease states. It is well documented that patients with greater control, decision making and involvement in their therapy have improved healthcare outcomes, yet this approach is still widely overlooked in healthcare. Our breakthrough product ‘LOIS’ is a novel sensor and alert system for patients who have Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators (ICD’s). 

Putting the patient first improves healthcare outcomes.

Innovate UK


LOIS Medical Ltd have filed patents for our first line of healthcare innovation, yet this is just the start. We have a different approach to healthcare innovation, pulling alongside patients to see the world through their eyes. Patient first innovation exposes so many opportunities to improve lives that stand neatly in the void between disease states and therapy. 

Our first product has been recognised for excellence and been awarded a government backed grant in the Innovate UK Open 2018 Competition.

A real marker of excellence and credibility.


We are always open to discussing partnerships.

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Whilst we have closed a very successful first round of fund raising, LOIS Medical Ltd are always open to discussing future investment or partnership opportunities. If you or your company would like to discuss possible co-ventures then please get in touch. 

The Team

Kristian Webb
Chief Executive Officer

Duncan Revolta
Chief Financial Officer

Steve McEvoy
Chief Technical Officer