I feel more confident leaving Laura alone with the children.

It’s nice that mum is smiling again!

I’m starting to feel like me again.

Stay connected with your loved ones

through our wearable for people with ICDs.


The LOIS Respond helping people with ICDs live life to the full.

Reassuringly connected even when you are alone.

Find out why we care.

Being on your own after an ICD implant can be daunting, and upsetting thoughts can affect your happiness. What happens if you are alone when your device goes off? What if you hurt yourself if you fall? What happens if your rhythm is persistent and you require immediate help?

Thoughts like this can delay your recovery and prevent you and your family from returning to an independent life.

The LOIS ICD Smartband has been created to help you live life with your ICD.

How it works

ICD delivers a shock

Following a cardiac arrest your ICD delivers a high energy shock.

Smartband sends an alert

LOIS Smartband senses the sudden high energy signal (shock) that travels through the body.

Loved ones are informed

Your nominated family, neighbours, carers or friends are notified that you may need assistance.

Loved ones come to your aid

Loved ones come to check on you. They are statistically most likely to be close by.

LOIS HQ provide support

LOIS HQ immediately call you or your contacts to offer telephone support and advice.


Reassuringly connected with our Smartband

We are excited to announce that we have created a working ICD Smartband. We are continuing to develop it into a product you love!

Additional Benefits

Beyond the potential to save a life, people with ICD’s have identified additional benefits.

Here is what a few of them say.

“My father suffers with dementia and I would like to know if he has had a shock because I cannot rely on him telling us.”

“Since having my device I just do not like being alone because of the unknown, I used to love my own company and I really think this could help.”

“The LOIS Respond will give me more confidence when I am alone with my children. I always worry about them in the event that I have another cardiac arrest”