LOIS Medical Ltd announces the start of LOIS Respond Medical Wearable clinical trial.

A Wearable designed specifically for patients with Implantable Cardioverter defibrillators (ICD’s).

LOIS Medical Ltd is excited to announce the start of its first clinical trial with the LOIS Respond wearable. After a successful MHRA and ethics application LOIS Medical Ltd will start the formal clinical trial at Imperial College London with the support of top Cardiologists. The LOIS Respond is a wearable device designed for patients with Implantable Cardioverter Defribrillators (ICD’s) that will detect if they have had a shock from their device and notify a family member or friend of this event and the patients’ location. 

LOIS Medical Ltd was established by two Cardiology Professionals who believe patients with ICD’s and their families would benefit from this technology.  After rigorous scrutiny by the MHRA and ethics committees LOIS Medical Ltd will start clinical testing and development at Imperial College London. The technology of LOIS Medical Ltd has been refined and proven within our own laboratory setting but will be further evaluated within a formal clinical environment.  LOIS Medical Ltd understand that patients who have had an ICD implanted and their family members often feel a sense of anxiety and drop in confidence surrounding this change in lifestyle.  The LOIS Respond is designed to support patients in this recovery and allow patients and family members alike to rediscover their independence and self confidence.  An important element of the design is that this technology does not discriminate against the patients ICD manufacturer.  Any patient with an ICD can benefit from LOIS Respond and continue to live their life to the full. 

If a patient has a shock from their ICD, the signal is detected by the wearable which then communicates via Bluetooth to the patients Smartphone.  This then sends a text alert to anyone the patient has identified on their family and friends notify list.  With the text alert the family or friend member will also receive the location of the patient and therefore be able to direct care swiftly. 

Patients and their family members can visit our website Loismedical.com to read about the technology and benefits. Patients and their families can pre-register interest on the website and be the first to be informed when the product becomes available to purchase. 

“We are thrilled at LOIS Medical Ltd as once we have completed our clinical trial we will be able to offer patients who an ICD and their loved ones, a technology that supports them directly and will have a positive impact on their quality of life.”

Kristian Webb CEO

“As Cardiac Physiologists we worked closely with this patient group and their families for many years and it’s wonderful to be able to develop a product, in partnership with top institutions, that will encourage self confidence and allow both patients and family to live life to the full”

Steve McEvoy CTO

LOIS Medical Ltd is a UK based medical device company founded by two Highly Specialised Cardiac Physiologists.  They spent a combined 24 years in the NHS working closely with ICD patients and the patients’ families. LOIS Medical Ltd specialise in the design and manufacture of medical wearables for patients with implantable devices.