A bit about us, LOIS and why we started

A bit about us, LOIS and why we started…

Hello! My name is Kristian and along with my cofounder Patrick, we have been building a medical device company for nearly 4 years that we are confident will change the lives for more than 3Million people around the world impacted by heart disease and ICD implantation. Yet, 4 years in, nobody would really have a clue what we have been up to, I haven’t even told some of my closest friends or my former colleagues who still work in the NHS. But now is a good time for us to start building our community and to grow closer to the people who we are trying to help. We have already started by answering some of the most common ICD questions on our social media channels (you can click on of the icons below and give us a follow if you like 😁 )

… and we are adding to that these updates the LOIS wearable. So you know exactly how we are getting on and when you can expect LOIS to become available for you to use.

Part 1. Our creation story

In 2017, a woman was sat next to her husband on the sofa when she felt a little unwell and decided to go and have a lay down in the bedroom next door. They had been very busy that morning and she she felt like she may have overdone it, especially as she had a heart condition that had required her to have an ICD implant 2 years ago. In her bedroom was her home monitor, a wireless device that is able to take information from her ICD and send it to her hospital.

That afternoon a cardiac physiologist called John was finishing up his coffee and heading over to the computer room to look through his remote monitoring clinic. A long list of home monitoring reports sent in wirelessly from some of the ICD patients local to his hospital. As he scrolled through he noticed one report that made his own heart race, it showed a cardiac arrest recorded in one of his patients. He could see that the ICD delivering its therapy, but after 8 shocks the ICD was unable to defibrillate the patient. With the electrogram still showing a life threatening rhythm, John picked up the phone and called the patients home number.

The phone rang and the husband answered, he could probably hear the tension in John’s voice as he urged him to go and check on his wife. Panicked he left the phone and went next door, where he sadly found his wife had collapsed. Despite starting CPR immediately, he was tragically unable to save her.

When Patrick and I heard this story, we got talking:

  1. If her husband had been alerted immediately then more could have been done to help save his wife
  2. ICDs are not perfect and there is still more that can be done to help people survive longer
  3. An ICD shock does not guarantee that you are safe
  4. Home monitoring is not an alert system it is not designed for these type of events

The conclusion of our discussion, why is there no way for friends and family to be alerted in the event that an ICD was firing? Statistically speaking they are the people most likely to be nearby to offer support or emergency assistance. We knew that the technology probably existed to make this possible, but it didn’t exist, so we decided to take responsibility by creating LOIS and trying to prevent history from repeating.

Our Mission

So our company mission is simple, we want to save the life of one person, once. That is our mission, if we achieve that then we have been successful in everything else we want to achieve and it stops us losing sight of why we started on this long and challenging adventure!

Let’s hope we get there!