To predict and prevent cardiac arrest

Company Vision

Some may believe we are crazy, but our long term ambition is to be able to predict if somebody is heading for a cardiac arrest getting them the help they need to prevent it form happening. We have a clear pathway too. Bring a great product for people with ICDs and S-ICDs , learn what the physiological and behavioural signs and signals are for a pending cardiac arrest and then start to predict and prevent.

To save one life, once

LOIS Mission

Sounds like a slightly strange ambition for our wearable. We should be clear that we don't want to save one life and stop there. But saving one life is the clearest indicator that we have been successful in everything else we want to achieve and it stops us losing sight of why we started on this long and challenging adventure!

Have fun along the way

Company Value

Yes we are a medical device company but we don't think that being serious is the best way to help people get the most from life. Our devices are there to improve health outcomes. We are here to have a bit of fun along the way.